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Big game

Hunted animals are referred to as game animals. Traditionally targeted species are known as game, they are usually large mammals or migratory birds. Big-game are the large wild animals. A big-game hunter is engaged in the sport of hunting large wild animals or game. This might place the hunter at risk of personal harm. Big-game are bears, big cats, boar, elephants and moose.

Big Five

The Big Five are the five large mammals that were originally most sought in Africa. The term is used in the tourist guides of the African wildlife. The collection consists of:
  • the lion (a large carnivorous feline mammal),
  • the elephant (a large carnivorous feline mammal),
  • the buffalo (they are the most dangerous of the "Big Five" game animals, with the longest list of attributed trophy hunters' deaths),
  • the leopard (a large, ferocious cat) and
  • the black rhinoceros (a large, thick-skinned, herbivorous mammal).

    The members of the big five were chosen for the difficulty in hunting them and not their size, these animals are among the most dangerous mammals.

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