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In the United States, bowhunting is populair. There are regulations for where to hunt; the hunting unit, when to hunt; the season, and what type (male or female) to hunt. Normally, a special archery season is set aside, to minimize interference from rifle hunters. To maximize game recovery and shot lethality, there are technical regulations, such as a minimum draw weight for the hunting of big game species. A rifle hunter can shoot effectively from ranges in excess of 200 yards. An archer can shoot effective shots from about 60 yards or less. With a traditional bow, like a longbow, selfbow or recurve, the range is about 20 yards or less. Although traditional bows have a range much further than 20 yards, ethical hunters restrict their shooting range in order to ensure quick and humane kills. Archery is a more intimate hunting experience. Because you are closer to your target animal, you notice the animalís sense of smell, hearing and sight.

Big game

Archers hunt all North American big game species. For hunting, compound bows are usually preferred, although recurve bows are not uncommon and usually legal. Longbows are more traditional, but much more skill is needed. Crossbows are normally permitted only for disabled hunters.

Unnecessary cruelty to animals

Some European countries consider bowhunting unnecessarily cruel to animals and prohibit the sport. In the United Kingdom bowhunting is not allowed since 1963. France, Lithuania and Finland have reintroduced bowhunting since 2000. Several other European countries are considering its reintroduction. Archers today are focussed to take an animal humanely.

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