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A fish is a water-dwelling vertebrate with gills. There are over 29,000 species of fish, making them the most diverse group of vertebrates. Most fish are cold-blooded. Some species of tuna and shark are warm-blooded. Types of fish are:
  • the jawless fish like lampreys and hagfish,
  • the cartilaginous fish such as sharks and rays, and
  • the bony fish, such as stout. Fish can have different sizes. The whale shark is about 16 meters, while the stout instantfish is about a centimeter. Many types of aquatic animals named fish, such as jellyfish and cuttlefish, are in fact not true fish. Other sea dwelling creatures, like dolphins, while closely resembling fish in outer appearance, are actually mammals.

    Preserve the fish and treat them in a human way

    The practice of catch and release is increasingly necessary in order to conserve fish stocks in the face of burgeoning human populations, mounting fishing pressure and worsening habitat degradation. The only way for growing numbers of recreational fishermen to continue fishing is to reduce their impact on fish populations. To improve fish stocks, follow these techniques together with catch and release:
  • strong tackle; get fish in quickly, for release in good condition,
  • careful handling of fish and barbless hooks to reduce physical damage,
  • quick release lead systems such as the Korda quick release system,
  • use barbless hooks, they reduce damage to minimal levels and reduce de-hooking time.

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