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Fishing, a relaxing hobby!

Go deep sea fishing in Costa Rica or sport fishing on the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean Coast. In the Pacific there is blue marlin and dorado from May to July. The Florida coast offers a lot of excellent fishing opportunities. Look for deep sea fishing charters in Tampa Bay. Most like fly fishing, ice fishing or bass fishing. Go to a fishing resort! Look for ocotal, black marlin and other fish.

Sport fishing - Fishing is a populair sport. It is an worldwide practice with various techniques and traditions. Sport fishing is fishing for pleasure or competition. Sport fishing, or recreational fishing, is done with a rod, line and hooks attached to a lure or bait. In sport fishing, the fishing competitions or tournaments are getting more and more populair. Big-game fishing describes fishing from boats to catch large open-water species such as tuna, sharks and marlin. Noodling and Trout tickling may be pursued as a recreation.

Fishing techniques - There are different fishing techniques, like hand fishing, spear and bow fishing, fishing nets, dredging, fishing lines and fish traps.

Fish - A fish is a water-dwelling vertebrate with gills. There are almost 30.000 species of fish. Types of fish are the jawless fish, the cartilaginous fish and the bony fish.

Preserve fish - To conserve fish stocks, the practice of catch and release is increasingly necessary. We can only continue fishing in the future if there are enough fish populations. Please use catch and release combined with strong tackle, careful handling of fish to reduce physical damage, quick release lead systems such as the Korda quick release system, and barbless hooks to reduce damage to minimal levels and reduce de-hooking time.

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