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Are you an experienced archer with a good bow and perfect arrows? Are you a bow hunting addict? More information about game for archery. What is possible to shoot? Learn about size and distance.

Big game

Archers hunt all North American big game species. For hunting, compound bows are usually preferred, although recurve bows are not uncommon and usually legal. Longbows are more traditional, but much more skill is needed. Crossbows are normally permitted only for disabled hunters.

Unnecessary cruelty to animals

Archers today are focussed to take an animal humanely and to avoid unnecessary cruelty to animals. Some European countries consider bowhunting unnecessarily cruel to animals and prohibit the sport. In the United Kingdom bowhunting is not allowed since 1963. France, Lithuania and Finland have reintroduced bowhunting since 2000. Several other European countries are considering its reintroduction.

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