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    Experience nature right the way it was for ages. See the forces of nature and live a moment between the vast world of animals. More and more people want to have a stronger link with nature. Experience the great-outdoors.


    About 10% of the world's land mass is a strict nature reserve or protected wilderness. These areas will remain relatively untouched by humans. Please be aware that this percentage of land area designated as wilderness does not reflect the quality of remaining wilderness. A definitive estimate of true wilderness is difficult. Many protected areas have some degree of human modification or activity.

    The wildest places on Earth

    The wildest regions of the world are:
  • the boreal forests
  • the Amazonian rain forest
  • the Tibetan Plateau
  • the Australian outback and
  • deserts such as the Sahara and the Gobi.

    Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland and Siberia also contain vast regions of wilderness.

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