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Hunting is the practice of pursuing animals to capture or kill them (except the capture and killing of fish, this offcourse is called fishing). When you chase some prey, such as wild or game, in order to catch or kill them, this is called a hunt. Hunting is regulated and restricted by law. Poaching is the killing, trapping or capture of animals contrary to law. Hunting can be an important instrument of modern wildlife management to help maintain a population of healthy animals within an environment's ecological carrying capacity.

Sport hunting

Today, hunting often is a sporting activity. There is recreational and trophy hunting. Many people hunt not only to capture or kill, but to enjoy the outdoors in a way few ever experience.

You can take all kind of hunting trips

Hunting is very popular in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. Hunting wild boar is populair in the United States. Look for the right hunting seasons and the allowed limits. You can go dove hunting during peak hunting times in parts of Mexico. Look for covey of quail. There are liberal game limits, extended seasons, affordable rates and ample amounts of rainfall. Deer is one of the most populair hunting game; mule deer hunting. Some go on moose hunting trips onr wild boar hunts. Duck hunting outfitters are important. Pheasant hunting has been done for centuries. You can go black bear hunting.

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