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    Experience nature right the way it was for ages. See the forces of nature and live a moment between the vast world of animals. More and more people want to have a stronger link with nature. Experience the great-outdoors.

    Wilderness is a natural environment on Earth that has not been changed by human kind. The wilderness areas are an integral part of the Earth's biosphere. The biosphere is our planet's self-sustaining natural ecosystem, which is essential for our future.

    National parks

    Allready in the 19th century, the creation of National Parks started. The first National Park is Yellowstone, established in 1872. The creation showed a growing appreciation of wild nature. Allthough the United States were the first, other countries followed. The Banff National Park in Canade started iin the 19th century. The National Parks were advertised by the railroads to encourage travelling to the great wild spaces. In the twentieth century, travelling by train to experience the wilderness was very popular.

    Well known national parks are the Yosemite National Park and the Yellowstone National Park.


    Conservation is the proper use of nature, while preservation is the protection of nature from use. In the 1930s it became increasingly clear that wild spaces were disappearing rapidly and that decisive action was needed to save them. In the late 1940s, global conservation became an issue. The British established great wildlife preserves in the former African colonies. Their motive was big game hunting! But with this preservation, there as a growing awareness of the need to protect large spaces for wildlife conservation worldwide.

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