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Early morning and late night
The nature and wildlife is the most beautiful at the beginning and ending of the day.
Pack your luggage like an animal

By Jason Lathrop

Packing a suitcase requires planning, technique, and an instinct for savagery. Please read these luggage tips from a cold-blooded packer.

  • Roll your clothes.
  • Pack your toiletries in a carry-on bag.
  • Bring a laundry bag.
  • Leave space.
  • Carry-on courtesy. Don't bring excess carry-on baggage onto the plane. Your bag is too big to fit in the hand luggage.
  • Employ chronological packing.
  • Unpack your clothes in the room and put them back in your suitcase after you wear them, .
  • When you pack your shoes, use the inside space to store socks, underwear or small fragile items.
  • If you leave your dress clothes wrapped in plastic they will not wrinkle in your suitcase.
  • Always use strong, clearly labeled baggage tags. Airlines very seldom lose baggage, but you never know.
  • Buy strong luggage.
  • Sit on top while you zip and keep poking clothes in as you zip.

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