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Wild & wildlife

Wild are plants or animals that live in a natural environment. Wildlife is a general term for life in ecosystems. Ecosystems are deserts, rainforests, plainsbut also the human urban sites. They all have distinct forms of wildlife.

Wildlife are living organisms which exist in natural habitats and are not domesticated. Wildlife refers to fauna (animals) and also to flora (plants).

Wildlife management

Hunting can be an important instrument for wildlife management. By hunting, resource managers can control the population of some species that might otherwise exceed the carrying capacity of their habitat and threaten the well-being of other wildlife species or human health and safety. Hunting reduces the annual crop of new animals and birds. This can allow the remaining animals sufficient feed and shelter to survive. Maybe this could also be reached by introducing appropriate predator animals with less environmental impact. But human killing can be more explicitly selective. Animal management authorities sometimes rely on hunting to control certain animal populations. These hunts are sometimes carried out by professional hunters although other hunts include amateurs. Overpopulations of deer in urban parks might be hunted by animal management authorities.

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