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donderdag, maart 22, 2007

Clean Funny Jokes!
Get ready for a laugh, here are some really very funny short clean jokes!

The world is a funny place, full of humor! Funny videos, clips or books, even nowadays funny ringtones are searched for. Everybody likes to hear a short funny story or a nice joke, especially when they are true. Like funny facts. Stories about the office, the news, a wedding or anything other which is embarrassing and funny make people laugh. On this site we present very funny jokes and cartoons and pictures which are short and clean.

Favorite jokes:
You can find funny movies clips, funny cursors, funny ecards, funny short videos and funny t shirts. Some have specific favors, like medical humor. Read a humor magazine or buy humor t shirts. And you have even got humor music.
We offer cartoons, office pranks, one liners and golf one liners. Perhaps you could consider this site as part of a good laughter therapy. Well, just enjoy!


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