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maandag, april 09, 2007

Consolidate your loans, it could only help you!
Federal student loan consolidation is designed to help students to pay their federally backed student loans. There are many benefits to consolidate your loans!

Save money
Think of all the benefits you can profit from, once you have consolidated your loans! These are:
Fixed Interest Rate
Lower Monthley Payments
No Pre-Payment Penalties
Retain all your federal rights such as Deferment and Forebearance
Subsidized portions remain subsidized even after consolidating
Forgiveness rights for Stafford Loans are retained.

Also visit Student Loan Consolidation and Student Loan Consolidation Rate


zaterdag, april 07, 2007

Clean Funny Jokes!

Get ready for a laugh, here are some really very funny short clean jokes!

The world is a funny place, full of humor! Funny videos, clips or books, even nowadays funny ringtones are searched for. Everybody likes to hear a short funny story or a nice joke, especially when they are true. Like funny facts. Stories about the office, the news, a wedding or anything other which is embarrassing and funny make people laugh. On this site we present very funny jokes and cartoons and pictures which are short and clean.

A joke is a short story spoken with the intent of being laughed at or found humorous by the listener.

Jokes are performed either in a staged situation in front of an audience, or informally for the entertainment of participants and onlookers. Jokes can also be found in funny books and games and movies. The humour nowadays is spread through funny videos, funny films, clips and even funny ringtones, sounds or tones. Bloopers are allways the best! By email, a lot of funny photos and pictures and funny phrases are spread. Also funny blogs, funny ecards and funny flash games are appreciated. There are really funny wallpapers too. Funny t shirts or funny shirts in general are worn more and more.

Jokes can be country specific. Jokes about politics are favorite, like bush jokes. And jokes with animals are always populair, like funny cats or a funny horse. Even funny stories about the hospital or emergency room are found to be humorous. Also weird videos or funny pictures give a smile. The jokes here are clean and short and off course funny!


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