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zondag, september 23, 2007

The websites of Super Sites did well in the first half of 2007

We are proud to announce that we have had a lot of visitors in the first half of 2007. See Super Sites for all sites which are Super Sites.

Unfortunately some of our sites did not the meet the quality standards and guidelines of Google Adsense. We would like to thank the people of Google to point us on this, indeed the quality of some sites was getting to low. Due to this, we decided to stop several sites which do not comply with the standards of Super Sites. We are now working with other advertisement programs such as , Bidvertiser, Tradedoubler, Tradetracker and Clickbank.
At this moment, we are working hard to get a small collection of selected sites back to the Super Site quality. At the end of the year, as the level of quality is super again, we will ask Google to get us back into the Adsense program.

For the meantime, we would like to thank you for keep visiting our great sites.

The makers of Super Sites
September 23, 2007

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