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A joke is a short story spoken with the intent of being laughed at or found humorous by the listener.

Jokes are performed either in a staged situation in front of an audience, or informally for the entertainment of participants and onlookers. Jokes can also be found in funny books and games and movies. The humour nowadays is spread through funny videos, funny films, clips and even funny ringtones, sounds or tones. Bloopers are allways the best! By email, a lot of funny photos and pictures and funny phrases are spread.

What is humor?

Also funny blogs, funny ecards and funny flash games are appreciated. There are really funny wallpapers too. Funny t shirts or funny shirts in general are worn more and more.

Jokes can also be country specific; humor by nationality. For example there are many israeli jokes and irish jokes. Also jokes about politics are favorite, like bush jokes. And jokes with animals are always populair, like funny cats or a funny horse. Even funny stories about the hospital or emergency room are found to be humorous. Also weird videos or funny pictures give a smile.On this site we do not incorporate dirty jokes, jokes about sex, adult jokes, sex jokes and sick jokes. The jokes here are clean and short and off course funny!

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