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Male Psychology

It's generally believed that women understand men more than men understand women. Partially, it's because women are just more complicated than men are. However, there is at least one aspect of male psychology that most women simply do not understand, and that's the overwhelming desire to appear masculine.

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What is a man?

A man is a male human, in contrast to an adult female, who is a woman. The term man is usually used for an adult, with the term boy being the usual term for a male child or adolescent. However, the term is also used for a male human regardless of age.

Male privilege describes the rights alledgedly granted to the male population in society on the basis of their biological sex. The female, transsexual, transgender and sometimes the gay male populations, are usually denied these rights, but females may have other rights not granted to males. For these purposes in cases alleging discrimination, "sex" is usually preferred as the determining factor rather than "gender" because it refers to biology rather than socially constructed norms which are more open to interpretation and dispute.

Masculinity, a synonym for manhood, comprises culturally of the traits assigned to the male in various contexts. The word masculine can refer to:

  • The property of being biologically male, more precisely expressed in biology as "sex"
  • A gender role or behaviour traditionally associated with males
  • Grammatical gender, an inflection of nouns, largely derived from gender role association

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