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Photo's and pictures can be really funny

A picture is an artifact that reproduces the likeness of some subject—usually a physical object or a person. Images may be two dimensional, such as a photograph, or three dimensional such as in a statue.

What is a funny picture?

Funny pictures are photographs or drawings/cartoons that are intentionally or unintentionally humorous. While funny photos have been around since the invention of the camera, cartoons are a more recent phenomenon. Funny pictures are a part of internet humor. The internet is a resource for the circulation of humorous ideas and jokes. Countless web-sites are devoted to the collection of internet humour, and every day e-mail crosses the world, containing the text of humorous articles, or jokes about current events. This type of semi-institutionalized humor starts as a specific group's in-joke, and grows until it reaches a significant portion of internet users, gaining popularity, rules and mythos.

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