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We have funny photo's, pictures and cartoons. Also, we have very funny pictures about the way a man thinks. At last we also have some nice pictures about the differences between men and women! Everybody likes to hear a short funny story or a nice joke, especially when they are true. Like funny facts. Stories about the office, the news, a wedding or anything other which is embarrassing and funny make people laugh.

What is a funny picture?

Funny pictures are photographs or drawings/cartoons that are intentionally or unintentionally humorous. While funny photos have been around since the invention of the camera, cartoons are a more recent phenomenon. Funny pictures are a part of internet humor. The internet is a resource for the circulation of humorous ideas and jokes. Countless web-sites are devoted to the collection of internet humour, and every day e-mail crosses the world, containing the text of humorous articles, or jokes about current events. This type of semi-institutionalized humor starts as a specific group's in-joke, and grows until it reaches a significant portion of internet users, gaining popularity, rules and mythos.

Cartoons; they are funny!

A cartoon is any of several forms of art, with varied meanings that evolved from one to another. In its original historical meaning, a cartoon is a full-size drawing made on paper as a study for a further artwork. Cartoons were typically used in the production of frescoes, to accurately link the component parts of the composition when painted onto plaster over a series of days.

You can find funny movies clips, funny cursors, funny ecards, funny short videos and funny t shirts. Some have specific favors, like medical humor. Read a humor magazine or buy humor t shirts. And you have even got humor music.

We offer cartoons, office pranks, one liners and golf one liners. Perhaps you could consider this site as part of a good laughter therapy. Well, just enjoy!

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