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What exactly is humour ...

Humour (also spelled humor) is the ability or quality of people, objects, or situations to evoke feelings of amusement in other people. The term encompasses a form of entertainment or human communication which evokes such feelings, or which makes people laugh or feel happy.

The origin of the term derives from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which stated that a mix of fluids known as humours controlled human health and emotion.

A sense of humour is the ability to experience humour, a quality which all people share, although the extent to which an individual will personally find something humorous depends on a host of absolute and relative variables, including, but not limited to geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education and context. For example, young children (of any background) particularly favour slapstick, while satire tends to appeal to more mature audiences.

Humour formula ...

Not Required components:

  • some surprise, contradiction, ambiguity or paradox.
  • appealing to feelings or to emotions.
  • similar to reality, but not real


  • metaphor
  • hyperbole
  • reframing
  • timing

    Rowan Atkinson explains in his lecture Funny Business, that an object or a person can become funny in three different ways. They are:

  • By being in an unusual place
  • By behaving in an unusual way
  • By being the wrong size

    Most sight gags fit into one or more of these categories.

    Humour is also described as an essential ingredient in spiritual life. Many Masters have added it to their teachings in various forms. Much of Taoism is humour-based. A famous figure in spiritual humour is the 'laughing Buddha', who would answer all questions with a belly laugh.

    A quote from modern Spiritual Master Adi Da Samraj, "No humourless, pleasureless son-of-a-bitch ever realised God." Adi Da is known to have caused hours of laughter in many of his disciples over the last 34 years[citation needed].

    In the book "Death Comes Dancing", the author, Ma Satya Barti, had a laughing fit that lasted 3 days, as part of her own spiritual purification process.

    Source: Wikipedia

    Different kind of jokes and humor:

  • black comedy
  • clowns
  • comedy and comedians
  • comedy film
  • comics (also known as funnies)
  • humour in crime fiction
  • Internet humour
  • irony
  • jokes, including anti-jokes, in-jokes, and meta-jokes
  • laughter
  • mathematical joke
  • political satire
  • practical jokes and pranks
  • professional humour, e.g. lawyer jokes
  • ribaldry
  • surreal humour
  • toilet humor

    Source: Wikipedia

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