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- One Look - Search in 900 online dictionaries with 5 million words.
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- English Dictionary US - Basic site with complete definitions. Quick and easy.
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Babylon 6 is the world's leading dictionary and language translation software. Quickly translate emails, documents and more. Wikipedia inside.
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Translate a word
- Translate English - This site offers the translation from English to spanish, french, japanese, etc.

- Translate Welsh - Learn to speak Welsh or translate English to Welsh.

- One Look - Search in 900 online dictionaries with 5 million words.
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Regular dictionaries
- The Oxford English Dictionary - Accepted authority of the English language with half a million words from across the English-speaking world.

- Merriam-Webster OnLine - Free online dictionary, thesaurus, audio pronunciations and other English language resources.

- History of dictionaries - From the Oxford English Dictionary in 1884 to the Webster's Dictionary of today...

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Electronic dictionaries
- Association for Computational Linguistics - ACL SIGLEX resource links to lexical data that is publicly available and can be downloaded.

- Addis Ababa University - The Addis Ababa University offers several links to free electronic dictionaries.

- A-Z Dictionaries - The site A-Z Dictionaries offers different electronic dictionaries.

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Dictionaries for PC, PDA and Pocket PC
- PC dictionary - Free cut-down version of the WordWeb Pro software, includes a comprehensive English thesaurus and dictionary.

- PDA dictionary - Free download of a palm PDA dictionary program, featuring a concise oxford english dictionary.

- Pocket PC dictionary - Free dictionary thesaurus for Pocket PC with wildcard and scrabble search (WordNet CE).

- More dictionaries for PC and PDA ...
Learn a language
- BBC Languages - Online video course and other language courses from the BBC.

- Word 2 Word - Lots of links to free online language courses

- Translate Welsh - Translate English into Welsh or vice versa.

- Language course finder - Over 10.000 language schools listed all over the world.

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Find a word
- One Look - Search in 900 online dictionaries with 5 million words.
Fill in a word or a phrase: Find
- Encarta - A combined encyclopedia, dictionary and atlas from Microsoft.

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- Wikipedia - Encyclopedia build by internet users with 1 million articles.

- Encyclopedia - Free encyclopedia with 57,000 articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.

- Encyclopaedia Britannica Online - The complete Encyclopedia Britannica, Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus, etc.

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Translation & online dictionaries
This website gives more information about business english dictionary, english dictionary translation, english dictionaries and english dictionary software. In general, this means we provide you with an oxford online dictionary; the oxford english dictionary online. Offcourse the best one is the webster's dictionary or webster dictionary. We offer you as much possibilities as possible to translate a word in any language you want.

Electronic dictionaries

To buy an electronic dictionary seems to be populair. People love an electronic speaking dictionary or a franklin talking dictionary. Some look for the franklin electronic dictionary thesaurus or an english electronic dictionary. The electronic spanish english dictionary or merriam webster spanish english dictionary seems to be most wanted. You can look for sales software pocket pc or a handheld pda pocket pc. And then we've got the dictionary medical pda. it seems that medical pda software is wanted a lot. On this website you can find more about medical pocket pc software.

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