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It is important to know the exact definition of a word

Want to look in an english dictionary online to define a word? The Webster Dictionary or the Larousse dictionary are not the only way to search and define a word. There are plenty good dictionaries on the internet, an internet dictionary, which are free and quick. Define oxford english, spanish, french or latin words. Also more exotic languages like arabic, korean, chinese, bulgarian or norwegian are available. Some look words up for the bible, scrabble or for their work, like engineering. On this page there is more information about how to get the right definition of a word.

What exactly is to define?
To define something has five different definitions. To define something can be to state or describe something exactly, to identify somebody or something by a distinctive characteristic quality or feature, to show something clearly, especially in shape or outline, to mark a boundary, edge, or limit or to give the precise meaning of a word or expression. In this context, the fith definition is intented; to give the precise meaning of a word or expression.
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  • The Oxford English Dictionary
    The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is generally regarded as the definitive dictionary of the English language. It covers over half a million words from across the English-speaking world. This dictionary is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium.

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