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Electronic dictionaries

There are dictionaries for almost every device

Do you want to have an electronic dictionary on your PC, Pocket PC, PDA or palm pda? There are oxford english dictionaries for your computer, pda or pocket pc available online. You can download free versions of several dictionaries on the internet. It is ideal to have a language translation dictionary on your pocket pc or pda. Here is more information about electronic dictionaries.

Electronic dictionary
Electronic dictionaries are small handheld computers with integrated electronic dictionaries. Their main use is translation from one language into another language. Some models have chip-card slots to add more languages. Electronic dictionaries contain within them several different individual dictionaries. For example, a single electronic dictionary may contain a Japanese Kojien dictionary, an Oxford English dictionary, and a Kenkyusha Reader's English-Japanese dictionary.
Association for Computational Linguistics
This site offers ACL SIGLEX resource links to lexical data that is publicly available and can be downloaded.

Addis Ababa University
The Addis Ababa University offers several links to free electronic dictionaries.

A-Z Dictionaries
The site A-Z Dictionaries offers different electronic dictionaries.

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