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Looking for a word in oxford english online? You don't have to own a webster dictionary or a larousse. You can find a word on internet quick and for free. There are plenty of english dictionaries online. Search for medical or engineering words and get the definition! Or to understand the new bible? A french english dictionary is populair, but also arabic, korean and german. The thesaurus is important; electronic words reference are wanted. Everybody always looks for the right use of legal words. And what to do when you need to write in a different language? Use an english translator. Some use a dictionary pen to have a language translation dictionary. Engineering definitions are looked up often. Below you find more information about how to find a word on the internet.

What exactly is to find?
To find has twelve (!) different definitions. Here are the different definitions of to find.
  • To discover something after searching: to discover something or somebody after a search.
  • To get something back: to recover something after losing it.
  • To discover something for first time: to realize, understand, or locate something for the first time, especially by studying or observing.
  • To discover something accidentally: to notice or come across somebody or something by chance.
  • To experience something: to notice or experience something personally.
  • To manage to get something: to make a special effort to gather something together or summon something up.
  • To reach goal: to succeed in reaching something aimed for.
  • To record something as occurring: to observe something such as a natural species as existing or occurring.
  • To reach verdict: to decide about something or somebody at the end of a legal procedure, or announce the decision reached.
  • To supply need: to bring or provide something that is necessary for a process to occur.
  • To become conscious of your own condition: to become aware of being in a particular place or state.
  • To make decisions about your own life: to become more self-aware and self-motivated.
    At this site, the term to find is intented as to discover something after searching.
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