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Learn a language

How to learn a language?

A lot of people want to learn a foreign language. People are getting more and more mobile. There are several courses available on internet. Especially the online video courses are super! Do you want to translate a word from english to spanish, french or german? Or want to understand dutch, czech, greek, latin, romanian, italian, russian or polish words? Also more exotic languages like arabic, korean, chinese, bulgarian, hebrew, bulgarian are available. Chinese is ofcourse getting more and more important. Also local languages are growing in importance, like welsh or scotch. On this page we give you more information about language courses.

BBC Languages
The BBC offers an online video course and other language courses from the BBC.

Word 2 Word
This site has lots of links to free online language courses

1 - Langauge
Visit 1 - Language to find a free english course and other free materials to learn a language.

Language course finder
The Language course finder offers over 10.000 language schools listed all over the world.

What is a language? A language is a system of arbitrary signals. These can be voice sounds, gestures or written symbols. The term language is also used to refer to common properties of languages. There are thousands of human languages. There is no defined line between a language and a dialect. Humans and computer programs have also constructed other languages, including constructed languages such as Esperanto, Ido, Interlingua, Klingon, programming languages, and various mathematical formalisms. These languages are not necessarily restricted to the properties shared by human languages.

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