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PC, PDA and Pocket PC dictionaries

There are more and more dictionaries for PDA's and Pocket PC's

Do you want to have a dictionary on your PC, Pocket PC, PDA or palm pda? You can download free versions of several dictionaries on the internet. There are oxford english dictionaries for your computer, pda or pocket pc available online. The thesaurus is important; electronic words reference are wanted. What to do when you need to write in a different language? Use an english translator. It is ideal to have a language translation dictionary on your pocket pc or pda. Here is more information about dictionaries for your PC, Pocket PC or PDA.

WordWeb is a free cut-down version of the WordWeb Pro software, includes a comprehensive English thesaurus and dictionary.

Free PDA Dictionary
A free PDA Dictionary is available for your palm PDA. Free download of a palm PDA dictionary program, featuring a concise oxford english dictionary.

Free Pocket PC dictionary
On this site a free Pocket PC dictionary is offered. This is a free dictionary thesaurus for Pocket PC with wildcard and scrabble search (WordNet CE).

Get free stuff from Beiks! There are free dictionaries of various content, to be used with BDicty.

What is a PDA?
PDA stands for a Personal digital assistant. It is a handheld device that was originally designed as personal organizers, but became much more versatile over the years. A PDA nowadays can do a lot: calculating, use as a clock and calendar, playing computer games, accessing the Internet, sending and receiving E-mails, use as a radio or stereo, video recording, recording notes, use as an address book, and use as a spreadsheet. Today there are PDA's which can be useds as a mobile phone (PDA Phone), web browser or media player. Many PDAs can access the Internet, intranets or extranets via Wi-Fi, or Wireless Wide-Area Networks (WWANs).
Pocket PC
A handheld-sized computer that runs a specific version of the Windows CE operating system is called a Pocket PC. It is as good as a modern desktop PCs. There are thousands of applications for Pocket PC, many of which are freeware. Some of these devices also include mobile phone features. Pocket PCs can also be used with many other add-ons like GPS receivers, barcode readers, RFID readers, and cameras.

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