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Do you want to translate a word online from oxford english into chinese? The translation to chinese is possible on various sites on the internet for free. An english - chinese translator is populair. The translation of English into mandarin chinese is wanted. Learn Chinese in Beijing!

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China is a country in East Asia. More than six millennia the states and cultures of China date back. In the past China was the world's most advanced civilization and the cultural center of East Asia. Today China is home to many of great technical inventions.
The official language is Putonghua; standard mandarin, like it is spoken in Beijing. In China there are a lot of dialects, like:
  • Mandarin (More than 70% speaks Mandarin chinese)
  • Wu (Shanghai)
  • Yue (Canton) Other languages or dialects are Mongolian, Tibetan and Korean.
    The Chinese use a common written standard, named Vernacular Chinese or baihua.

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