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Translate a word from english to spanish, french or german! But also translate to dutch, czech, greek, latin, romanian, italian, russian or polish words. Also more exotic languages like arabic, korean, chinese, bulgarian, hebrew, bulgarian are available. Chinese is ofcourse getting more and more important. Also local languages are growing in importance, like welsh or scotch.

Do you want to translate a word online from oxford english to another language? It is not necessary to have a webster dictionary. The translation of a word is possible on various sites on the internet for free. An english translator is populair. The translation of English into French, English into Spanish and English into Japanese is wanted.

The translation of English into another language
More and more people want to translate english to spanish, japanese, french or german. Some want to translate english to hawaiian, gaelic, italian, or even into chinese symbols! And let's not forget the translation of english to latin, italian, german, hebrew or chinese.
What exactly is to translate?
To definition of to translate is to turn words into a different language. It has twelve different definitions. Some are the following. To reproduce a written or spoken text in a different language while retaining the original meaning. It can also mean to be capable of being translated, or have an equivalent in another language.

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