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Cymraeg: The lovely language of Wales!

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A lot of people want to translate Welsh into English or translate English to Welsh. This site offers the possibility to translate english to welsh for free. If you want english translate to welsh dictionary or translate from welsh to english and some are talking about translate english welsh, well this is the site! Do you consider to learn welsh? The welsh language and the welsh grammar is fascinating. Otherwise, use welsh translation services.

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    Local languages are growing in importance, like Welsh or Scottish. There are lot of English who want to translate Welsh into English. And there are people who want translate English to Welsh. A lot of people want to learn a foreign language. And why not do it? But is so special to learn a language which is nearby. For the English, this is Welsh.

    Welsh is spoken natively in Wales (Cymru), England by some along the Welsh border. The Welsh calls it Cymraeg or y Gymraeg. About 20% of the population of Wales are Welsh speakers out of a population of about 3 million! There are several courses available on internet. Especially the online video courses are super! Do you want to translate a word from english to welsh or vice versa? Or want to understand the welsh? On this page we give you more information about transalation from or into welsh.

    Language translation services are important. To read and write Welsh is not easy. Translating from or to Welsh is therefore difficult. Translate from English into Welsh is hard, and also translating from Welsh to English is not easy. There are several courses available. Learn to speak and write Welsh. Go to a language course and try to learn to speak Welsh in a proper way.

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    When you are looking for a welsh translator, you are at the right place! Here you can find an english welsh translator, english welsh translations and a welsh translation service.

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