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Wales is famous for its castles and cottages. You can hire a nice welsh cottage in the north of Wales. Welsh country cottages are very populair. Also, the castles are well-known. It is a beautifull place to stay. Wales offers good hotels to have a super welsh holiday. Welsh tours are offered around the UK. Some look for self catering in north wales. Walking in north wales is very impressing. So all we want to say is, please consider to visit Wales!
The Welsh
The Welsh (Cymry) are an ethnic group associated with Wales and the Welsh language, which is a Celtic language.
Wales is the Land of Castles
Wales’s culture has Celtic roots, as far back as 250,000BC. There are prehistoric sites, standing stones and hilltop forts. The Romans have left roads, luxurious bath houses and domestic artefacts. But not for nothing, Wales is called the 'Land of Castles'. There are about beatifull castles in Wales (!). The Normans were the first castle builders. After that, battling English kings and Welsh princes built formidable castles in strategic locations along the coast and deep in the mountains. See History for more information.
A Welsh Valley
The National Welsh American Foundation
The National Welsh American Foundation promotes and shares the history and cultural heritage of Welsh-Americans. It coordinates cultural and educational activities of Welsh-Americans and encourages the exchange of artists and scholars between Wales and the United States to share the Welsh language, music, and culture with the world. It also provides financial assistance through scholarships, fellowships and study grants At last it assures an unified effective voice for Welsh-Americans and supports Welsh-American groups in their relations with corporate, philanthropic and governmental organizations.
Welsh history & culture
More about the history and culture of the Welsh. Some Welsh history, culture, legends and articles about Wales.
More sites about Wales and the Welsh
  • Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru/The National Library of Wales
  • Cymru a'r Byd/Wales International
  • Cymdeithas Cymru-Ariannin
  • Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru/National Assembly for Wales
  • Prifysgol Cymru/The University of Wales
  • A typical icon is the welsh dragon. People are fond of welsh souvenirs, such as a welsh kilt, welsh kilts, welsh tartans, welsh plaid, welsh gifts and welsh clothing. And some are looking for welsh baby names!

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